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Amanda Hesser


In an era where everyone is a content creator and attention span is dwindling, building a media company is difficult. For those who can build authentic communities around topics that people are truly passionate about, media can be a very good business. Amanda Hesser, the Cofounder and CEO of 52, has been able to successfully expand from content to commerce with an authoritative destination for anything food and cooking related on the web. The site boasts over 50,000 recipes that have been curated by the Food52 team, contributors, and community. In September of 2019, the company was acquired for a price tag north of $100M by TCG Capital Management, an affiliate of The Chernin Group, the media holding company of broadcast executive Peter Chernin.
With a background as a food reporter at the New York Times and later as the Food Editor of the New York Times Magazine, Hesser along with her cofounder Merrill Stubbs launched Food52 with the proceeds from a book advance in 2009. Today that community is over 16M passionate food aficionados. The company has offered over 300 brands of kitchen and housewares through an e-commerce option 2013.
In late 2018, Food52 expanded its offering to include its own direct-to-consumer line of kitchen and household products called FiveTwo. Leveraging the vast Food52 network, all products in the line are co-created with the community creating increased engagement and creating a distinct brand loyalty amongst the company's burgeoning following.
Under Hesser's leadership, Food52 had raised over $13M in reported funding prior to its acquisition with backing from investors that include Lerer Hippeau, BDMI, Vayner/RSE, Scripps Networks, Joanne Wilson, and 14W. Food brings people together in a way nothing else can and this shared passion has solidified Food52's community and presence in the e-commerce landscape.

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