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Eric Kinariwala


Not only are 7 out of 10 Americans taking prescription medication according to the Mayo Clinic, but also the per capita pharmaceutical spend in the US exceeds $1100 per annum. Serving this massive market is Capsule, the online pharmacy and delivery service that you'll recognize from the ubiquitous ads that are plastered all over the NYC subways and on the tops of thousands of NYC cabs.
Founder and CEO Eric Kinariwala founded Capsule in 2015 to leverage technology to rebuild the pharmacy industry. Starting his career at Bain Capital and Perry Capital, Kinariwala spent several years investing in the healthcare, retail, and technology spaces. But it was his personal experience with a headache and a corresponding trip to the pharmacy that led him to know the status quo was broken and he set out to redesign the pharmacy experience not only for the consumer but all stakeholders - doctors, hospitals, insurers, and manufacturers.
Today, your physician can electronically file a prescription and Capsule guarantees that you'll receive your medication delivered to you in under two hours in the city. The company's model allows consumers to chat with experienced pharmacists in person, by phone, SMS, chat, or email if you have any questions. The company is now expanding outside of the city to bring the customer-centric service nationwide.
Capsule is backed by investors that include TCV, Thrive Capital, Sound Ventures, Virgin Group, and Glade Brook Capital Partners and has raised $270M in funding over four rounds.

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